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One long ride with Super Sapiens

One good reason to buy and use Super Sapiens, the CGM dedicated to athletes, is to fuel correctly during long sports events. I could not squeeze a long ride in my 14 days using the Abbott Freestyle Libre for the first time : bad weather or on calls impede me from going long on my bike… but thanks to my trusted TacX Neo, I did a long workout indoor. Not as fun, and as « stochastic » as outdoors but still, it’s an experience.

So, one day I just had two fried eggs for breakfast (no carb) and hoped on the trainer for a long workout. My goal was to reach some fatigue I could relate to a decline in energy.

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blood and tears

I have always said that I appreciate more the path than the destination. Races give me a goal but I enjoy the process to get fit for the races. I enjoy training.

Today, I had a great training moment. The kind of key workouts that gives confidence, joy and fun. I had the idea to test my 1 min all out power to feed my power-duration curve, then do the classic 4×8 min. Hard program.

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Entrainement guidé par Garmin, dernière MAJ Fenix 6


petit billet rapide.

Je suis intrigué par les dernières mises à jour (12.2) des appareils Garmin qui proposent un « entrainement du jour ».

Je n’ai pas fait les exos proposés puisque je suis dans ma phase « tout pour la zone 2 » mais j’ai trouvé l’algorithme intéressant dans le sens où 1) il était très prudent me recommandant souvent le repos 2) lorsqu’un exercice était proposé c’était assez simple et classique ce qui a tendance à me rassurer !

Ensuite, lorsque je fais mes propres exos, j’affiche le Training Effect sur la montre. Comme je fais de l’endurance, il n’y a que le Training Aerobic Effect qui grimpe. Sur un exo 2×30 min en zone 2, le TE monte rapidement pendant les 30 premières minutes puis se tasse. Un peu comme « l’hystérésis » de la courbe de dissociation de l’oxygène de l’hémoglobine. Ainsi, si je me fixais comme objectif d’atteindre 2 pour un exercice cool et 3 pour un exercice sérieux, les séances seraient beaucoup plus courtes et peut-être que je récupèrerais mieux. D’ailleurs j’aimerais bien avoir la possibilité d’afficher la courbe de croissance du TE dans les apps d’analyse.

Voilà voilà… sachant que « trop en faire » est le piège numéro 1 dans lequel je tombe comme beaucoup d’amoureux des sports d’endurance je me dis que suivre un peu plus les recommandations de la montre est peut-être un bon choix vu les progrès de l’algo.

Bon dimanche !

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Xert Carb:fat model from Baron Biosystems is not for me !

Hi there !

Since I have done  my INSCYD testing in october 2019 I have gain a lot of insights on metabolism during cycling. I find really interesting to follow the carb consumption as a proxy for the load of a workout and a guide to adjust fueling during  a long  ride or race.

Lately, I decide to give a try to Xert with the idea of testing their Carb:Fat Connect IQ app. I have  done a lot of all out efforts recently, so my power curve  (to feed their algorithm) is quite accurate. I have  downloaded all the activities from Strava to Xert and installed  the Carb:Fat CIQ app on my Garmin Edge.

I also installed a CIQ  app called Fat/Carbs Combustion Monitor developped by Oleksiy. As input in this app, I put the estimations from Inscyd. To give you an idea, their algorithm gave me this estimation of energy  expenditure. Personally,  I  find it highly plausible. Fatmax was around 170ish  watts (MAP around 330ish) burning 0,76 g/min of fat (a bit high though  ?)

I am 39 yo, 62 kg, 7,5% fat  on a Tanita 4 points impedancemetry weight scale. VO2max consistently measured between 55 and 60 ml/kg in the lab, Garmin/Firstbeat in the same ballpark.

I have made some comparisons beetween the energy expenditure estimates by Xert and « Inscyd via Oleksiy app ». Xert constantly overestimates my fat consumption and underestimates my carb consumption. I take the problem in this side because Xert gave me what I feel like odd numbers. On average the overestimation of fat consumption is +30% by Xert and the biggest issue is the underestimation of carb consumption by a whooping 45%. If I would trust their numbers I would bunk in a race ! I have contacted their support and frankly the communication was bad.

In the end, I will stop my subscription to Xert, as a triathlete I don’t find the value in it since it doesn’t take into account the 2 other sports.

On the other side, I recommend digging your understanding in your exercise metabolism because it’s really interesting.

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Some cycling experiences around the CP curve

Hi there ! With the end of the COVID19 lockdown I was eager to challenge myself. I did several critical power tests to assess my fitness and have the feelings of all out challenge like a race would be.

I had a good block of training with a lot of endurance on the bike and solid 4×8 min efforts around 90% of my HRpeak. Mid April I felt really good. This fell apart a little bit with a streak of on calls at the hospital. I put emphasis on sleep and recovery before engaging in a series of tests.