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I have always said that I appreciate more the path than the destination. Races give me a goal but I enjoy the process to get fit for the races. I enjoy training.

Today, I had a great training moment. The kind of key workouts that gives confidence, joy and fun. I had the idea to test my 1 min all out power to feed my power-duration curve, then do the classic 4×8 min. Hard program.

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Lactate shuttle

I am not a huge fan of Rhonda Patrick to say the less but this interview with Pr George Brooks from Berkeley is good. It’s a great introduction to Pr Brooks theory of lactate shuttling. He has fought the idea that lactataemia is due to an oxygen debt and prove that there is a lactate production even with plenty of oxygen and that lactate is a fuel source for cells, a source for neoglucogenesis and a signaling molecule.

Pour une histoire écrite, avec des références, je vous conseille cet article :

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Training strategy for 2021 v2

This article is an update of the previous one. I have mostly done Z2 training since the middle of september and I had time to reflect back on this and stuff like HIIT and VLamax…

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic I look for new challenges. I like sports and I like to train. Having strategies to test boosts my sports endeavors.

The challenge of racing is fun and with tapering days and recovery periods it gives a nice rhythm and flow to the year, but these days, with all the unknown ahead, I like the idea of relieving the pressure of an A race and just enjoy the process of doing sports regularly.


  • zone 2 training becomes the bread and butter of training, sometimes low cadence work to try to modulate muscle fiber types
  • I will favor 4×8 min to boost VO2max and FTP, I will work on a high cadence on these to maximise stroke volume adaptations
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Training strategy for 2021

PLEASE CHECK v2 of this post here

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