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Unboxing and discovering SuperSapiens

I’ve wanted to try a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for a long time. I’ve been listening to a lot of Peter Attia’s podcasts and this topic comes up regularly. I’m very cautious about what Dr. Attia says about longevity and I’m often amazed at the amount of care they offer their clients, but buying a CGM and watching what happens seems quite interesting. When I learned that SuperSapiens was partnering with Abbott to offer Freestyle CGMs to sportsmen and women in order to optimize sports performance, I went ahead and ordered two sensors (160€-30€ discount via a Strava challenge), enough to monitor me for 28 days if everything goes well.

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blood and tears

I have always said that I appreciate more the path than the destination. Races give me a goal but I enjoy the process to get fit for the races. I enjoy training.

Today, I had a great training moment. The kind of key workouts that gives confidence, joy and fun. I had the idea to test my 1 min all out power to feed my power-duration curve, then do the classic 4×8 min. Hard program.

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Bilan sportif 2020

Ah l’année 2020 !!! Un petit crash test pour le sportif investi ! Je pense que beaucoup ont envie d’oublier cette année sans compétition (pour moi en tout cas) et de vite passer à autre chose. Mais… je vois les choses différemment, je vois du bon dans cette grosse piqûre de rappel que l’impermanence règne sur le monde. (C’est peut être indécent si vous avez beaucoup souffert cette année, pardonnez-moi)

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Lactate shuttle

I am not a huge fan of Rhonda Patrick to say the less but this interview with Pr George Brooks from Berkeley is good. It’s a great introduction to Pr Brooks theory of lactate shuttling. He has fought the idea that lactataemia is due to an oxygen debt and prove that there is a lactate production even with plenty of oxygen and that lactate is a fuel source for cells, a source for neoglucogenesis and a signaling molecule.

Pour une histoire écrite, avec des références, je vous conseille cet article :

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Training strategy for 2021 v2

This article is an update of the previous one. I have mostly done Z2 training since the middle of september and I had time to reflect back on this and stuff like HIIT and VLamax…

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic I look for new challenges. I like sports and I like to train. Having strategies to test boosts my sports endeavors.

The challenge of racing is fun and with tapering days and recovery periods it gives a nice rhythm and flow to the year, but these days, with all the unknown ahead, I like the idea of relieving the pressure of an A race and just enjoy the process of doing sports regularly.


  • zone 2 training becomes the bread and butter of training, sometimes low cadence work to try to modulate muscle fiber types
  • I will favor 4×8 min to boost VO2max and FTP, I will work on a high cadence on these to maximise stroke volume adaptations